Transforming era of Blockchain techologies

Collaborative Research

Companies, academics, and policymakers come to do collaborative research on blockchain-related themes.

Project Working Group

Companies partner with each other and form a working group to build a project, either a prototype or working product, underinclusive environment.

Public Education

Upground provides education programs for public and communities to enhance the understanding of blockchain and accelerate the adoption.

Global Partnership

Within the Upground network, there are many global companies collaborating with each other as partners, which any member can leverage.

Upground is an innovation hub for collective knowledge and experience

Upground is the innovation hub created through a partnership between Hanwha and Actwo Technologies, company that specializes in blockchain technology.
Upground connects and forms a network of members to support the blockchain industry and enhance the industry knowledge of the general public.
Our hub consists of entrepreneurs, developers, project teams, investors, academics, and communities active in blockchain industry who are encouraged to contribute to creating a virtuous cycle within the global blockchain ecosystem.

A Paradigm Shift

Since the advent of blockchain technology, the world is now witnessing a paradigm shift, from a single authoritative system which depends on trusted entities to a consensus-based system with no central point of trust;
We firmly believe that this paradigm shift will create enormous opportunities and values for both traditional and emerging industries as the current fragmented system will eventually be commoditized and decentralized.

Silo'd World

The current way of business operation is fragmented. Individual companies manage their own system, creating unnecessary duplication of data records and reconciliation through the 3rd party when transacting each other.
Distributed ledger technologies allow these isolated systems to efficiently manage information by creating a shared database system inspired by blockchain, which will function as a backbone of specific industry practices.


While entities preserve their independence, yet only share the processing logic, some will eventually adopt the permissionless nature of blockchain as the technology being matured in order to open up their business accessibility to the broader global community.
We envision the future where these permissionless applications to flourish and communicate with each other despite protocol differences.

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