We believe that educating the public and organizations is the first step for the adoption of blockchain technology.
Finector, one of the partners in Upground Research Working Group, has been educating financial institutions, technology companies, fortune 100 enterprises, and governmental bodies on the blockchain-related contents.

Collective Research

Partners at Upground conduct collaborative researches, sharing data and results to enhance the understanding of blockchain technologies, businesses, and markets.
Upground provides individuals and groups of researchers and enthusiasts to naturally collaborate and harmonize in Research Working Groups to collectively research for the advancement of the ecosystem in big or small portions

Areas of research

–    Scalability technologies
–    Interoperability layers
–    Anonymity techniques
–    Atomic swap techniques
–    Wallet Securities
–    Technology overview/review
–    Non-functional requirements and considerations
–    Asset Modelling and data standardization
–    Central Bank Digital Currency
–    Blockchain and GDPR compliance
–    Legal Dispute and Resolution
–    Industry business research
–    Market Research
–    Self-Sovereign Identity
–    Blockchain-based Oracle

Designing and Structuring

Upground also conducts research and development on designing/structuring of the token economy for public/permissionless blockchain-based applications.
The main categories of research and development are consensus, incentives, and utility mechanisms.




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